Barb Jorgensen (Australia)

Barb Jorgensen Glass Transformations


I began using glass as a medium many years ago, initially self-taught through extensive reading, trial and error together with a lot of experimentation.


A great deal of extensive knowledge has been gained through numerous short courses. 

I have attended workshops with Bernie Stoner from Kangaroo Island, as well as workshops with Loren Stump, Sharon Peters, Kim Fields and Dominic Garcia from America. Also bead making with Kathryn Wardill of Melbourne.


For many years glass was a hobby while I worked as a Lab Technician,        but I now have my own small business in Cowwarr, Gippsland, Victoria      and concentrate on doing fusing and slumping, bead making and sculptural glass worked in the torch flame.


I use both soft and borosilicate glass although I have concentrated more on using borosilicate for a while now.


To find inspiration for my work I tend to be drawn to nature – plants, insects, and ocean life, but more recently fae and alien lifeforms have begun to feature.


I belong to the GASP group of glass artists who work collaboratively on philanthropic projects through exhibitions where a percentage of proceeds are donated to specific charities. 


Seascape 4
Biodiversty - a frgile existence. Flame worked borosilicate glass sculptures on driftwood
Amber Flower
Three Pink Flowers
Dark Orange Flower (no stem)
Crimson Flower
Red Rockhopper
Speckled Rockhopper
Hollow Sea Form
Medium Turtle
Toadstool with bee and frog
Adoring Dragon
Sculpture, keeping an eye on the neighbours, Flame worked borosilicate glass. 23x18cm
Orange Finned Blue Dragon, 19x11cm
Orange Flower on rock base
Pink Eared Kritter