Chris Gillard

Fragile Landscapes series

In all its moods, and at all times our natural world is fragile. But just how fragile is our relationship with nature? As fragile as a rose petal or a leaf, a rainbow or a drop of early morning dew? As is true for many artists, the natural environment is something I am particularly passionate about.

The Fragile Landscapes series on glass explores this fragility, while paying homage to the layers of meaning and deeper dimensions beneath what is immediately seen; those layers of time, history, culture, and often degrading human influence.

Fragile Landscapes un-apologetically projects a powerful environmental message through the medium of glass. Each piece requires a determined level of care in its handling and positioning, requiring the caretaker to take great care with the artwork, causing reflection on the levels of care our natural world so clearly deserves.

How have we dealt with the fragile nature of our world? What does the future hold?

Artist Chris Gillard can use a new Fragile Landscapes artwork either from an existing image (like these examples) or you can get artist to shoot a certain area of Australia and then turn the image into a unique Fragile Landscapes image.