Jaime Graschinsky (Argentina)

My idea, my artwork, my dreams


I invite the viewers of my sculptures, be they face-to-face or virtual, to share a path that brings them closer to new sensations, where the light that gives meaning to everything that has life and gives existence to everything that does not have it. That he can appreciate within my pieces, something that is not on the surface, not only in its three dimensions or in its forms, but its deep interior .


As an author, glass allows me to get closer to the essential elements of nature, water, fire, and also the passage of time, the value of silence, and to be able to listen to that silence.


I want to offer a path, a search that leads you to investigate the interior of each piece and allows you to find what resonates within you as your own. Find your own footprints and try to discover them in my sculptures.


We seek to Be, to see ourselves reflected, to participate, to search in our illusions, desires, dreams, in our memories, the metaphor that life shows us.


We have a present, we come from a past and we know little about the future, especially now in these difficult times of covid 19. Faced with an uncertain but obviously very different destination.


In glass we see how resistance contrasts with the fragile, the opaque with transparency, the shadow with light. Almost the same as in our life.


I see artistic expression through glass, like an alchemical material, a poetics of light … think about how light passes through matter and breaks down into thousands of forms, effects, reflections and internal colors.


My pieces are unique and unrepeatable, each work is different.


From molding the clay, looking for the ideal shape, making the plaster mold that allows better reproduction, choosing the right glass, colors or oxides that will work in the oven and turn solid glass into honey, take on the established shapes and solidify then in other surprising ways.

A dialogue with the oven, where I capture my artworks, which will surprise me sometimes well sometimes not so well.


In my sculptures there is a mixture of real languages and unreal languages,


I want to write with light, change words with images that call for emotion.


I also investigate how the light, intentionally placed, enlarges the message of each piece, from the outside I try to influence the interior so that new readings emerge, and even that there is movement within many of them.


My artworks are sometimes organic, sometimes abstract … they always pursue the same poetics … that light penetrates them and reaches the viewer to surprise and why not sometimes to enable discomfort, questioning … imagination.

Oceanic 16cmx10cmx812cm
Universe 17cmx34cmx3cm
Cirular Blue 29cmx29cmx4cm