Jung Mikyoung (Canada)


MIKYOUNG JUNG  originally from South Korea, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Namseoul University (South Korea) in 2005, majoring in glass. 

     In 2005, she left her homeland in order to further her art practice. During her new life journey overseas,        she earned her Masters in glass with distinction at the University of Sunderland, U.K. in 2007.  

                         She moved to Australia in 2010 to continue her research and started her PhD in Visual Art                          at University of Sydney (Sydney College of the Arts) developing a new range of glass artwork. 

Her thesis art work has won awards and been exhibited internationally. At present, 

she is residing on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where she continues to create a range of glass artworks in new surroundings.

Working as an artist, she primarily works with kiln-formed glass. She often combines kiln-formed glass with metal and other materials in her work.

She likes to use other materials alongside glass to expand artistic horizons. 

Her works reflect her experiences of living abroad, from different landscapes to alternative cultures, and the way in which these experiences have affected her. 

Her art practice encompasses many different cultures, both Eastern and Western, and is inspired by the events,

landscapes and encounters as seen through eyes of a stranger, and on occasion an outsider. 

She tries to develop her works with a record of her self-reflections and surroundings in daily life signifying a medium that projects all her curiosities and emotions felt encountering her new worlds.


West Coast Series 2016

(four pieces are the set of artworks that will be hanging together on wall)

Silent Memories
Ocean Whispers
In the Distance
Continuing Journeys