Kayo Yokohama (Australia)


Kayo Yokoyama was born in Japan and emigrated to Australia in 1997. 

Now based at Blackheath,


   her work centres around the theme of home. Previous work has explored the search for a physical home across cultures, later evolving to the search for a home not physical,  but internal, unaffected by location. Delicately etched trees are a repeated symbolic motif that hint at the universal comfort of nature even in unfamiliar places.

As her confidence with her craft grows, her forms and motifs have expanded, and this exhibition sees numerous new explorations.

The moon and waterfalls are recent motifs, representing nature’s beauty and companionship. Elongated domes, sometimes harbouring other, smaller domes within them, speak of sanctuary and containment, as do the forms with old ships etched onto them.


Secret Gardern
Moon and I
Smow Falling