Kim Namdoo (South Korea)


My research focuses on issues of consumerism and the sociological impact of this object desire.

I am particularly interested in the how contemporary consumer values creates social expectations and the subsequent pressures, that are placed on young children in my home country of South Korea.

Having grown up in South Korea, I have experienced this accelerated Western consumerism, and the pressures that parents and children suffer as they try and conform to the expectations of success, through achievement the display of symbols of wealth.

Through my work I want to challenge these pervasive and too easily accepted concepts of wealth through humour and satire. I use glass because of its transparency and its ability to reveal what is within and use this as a metaphor to question these values. 

I also utilize other craft materials in part, because of their counter point to mass produced objects.

I reinterpret obvious pop objects from our consumer society, such as toys and everyday commodities because they are easily recognisable, and I can use them to question subvert their original meaning.

Lego baby - stackable