Makiko Takahashi (Japan)


Born in 1976 in Yokohama, Japan.   

In 1998  she graduated in Craft Design at Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design.                         

She also graduated from Tokyo Glass Art Institute , and won the T.G.A.I prize (head prize) at this institute in 2000.


Makiko established STUDIO BAU GLASS in Kanagawa, Japan in 2010.


She won Jury Prize in Glass . 

Now 2014 Auction of National Liberty Museum (Philadelphia/USA)  in 2014.


The flower that absorbs dreams (front)
The flower that absorbs dreams (Back)



 “The flower that absorbs dreams ”



Dreams are my sources of inspiration. I write down my dreams right  after I wake up. 

But there are days I don’t remember my dreams. 

It must be the act of the mystical night blooming plant. 

It would creep up on me in the night and munch on my dreams. 

     After devouring my dreams, its earth color blossoms graces the night for only few moments. 

The petals unfold, and sweet and dusty perfume permeates the air. 

And the flower gives an innocent happy yawn like a little child. 

Then it folds its petals and goes back into the silent darkness.


Fake oasis in the desert
Fake oasis in the desert



 “Fake oasis in the desert”

Size:  W 7.5 × D 8.3  × H  8.3  inch

            This beautiful creature is the fantasy creature from my dream. She pretends to be an oasis, gathers and catches prey and eats it.


The calm world which remains and broadens in the subconscious. There, “Universal memory of the universe” exists.

I meditate in the calm world every day. In order to record the vision, I touch the clay and move my hands according to the image.

It is the world of the subconscious just like the inner universe. In the inner universe, there is an space connected to the outside universe, and “Universal memory of the universe” is spreading over there.

Although these memories exist in the calm world, they tend to be buried in hectic life.

It is important for me to meditate and regain the peace of mind.

            It is also the time to remind us that human beings are egotist to the core and                        we are just a part of the universe.

I think that Art is to keep searching for “Origin of memory” so that we can respect any kind of diversity and get united in the world.

The answer may be unable to be found while my life. No matter how long it takes in life,   I believe the process itself is “Expression of Art”.