Olaf Schonherr (Germany)


Olaf Schönherr had in 1999 the idea of a further development of the overlay glasses in the field of lamp-blown glass.


Overlay glasses for the purpose of decor design were previously used exclusively  in the field of      thick-walled glassware.


Recognising the significance of this revolutionary idea, this process technology was patented  in 2004 and  honoured as an innovation at the 29th International Inventors’ Fair in Geneva with a diploma and a silver medal.


Now, after years of intensive development, it has now been possible to produce cased glasses using lamp-specific techniques.


The now realised glass art objects are unparalleled by the three-dimensional decor interacting with the colour contrast of the overlay technique.


Overlay glasses are a kind of quantum leap in the history of lamp-blown glass, a whole new direction in artistic glass design.


The main focus of his work lies in the creation of objects and vessels in overlay technique.

Thread glass objects or vessels in thread glass technique round off his artistic spectrum. 

Each of his works is unique.


                  He draws inspiration and impressions for his works from space and time and from musical                influences.  By applying new techniques and working methods, Olaf Schönherr pushes the limits         of  feasibility in lamp-blown glass.

Diamonds & Rust
Djinn & Lillith
Devils Rendeszvouz
Pool Vase & Ball Vase