Stephen Skillitzi (Australia)


(from Ausglass profiles)

Whilst differing perspectives exist, the artist Stephen Skillitzi has often been credited with being “the Father of Australian Studio Glass”.

His artistic aspiration: become an innovative solo maker in the Crafts Movement, focusing firstly on Clay then Glass, was initiated 55 uninterrupted years ago in 1960 at age 13 via his homemade solo-use electric-kiln and ceramics studio. his diverse ongoing career embraced      

 1/ Academia:-studying//lecturing/demonstrating/course initiating/mentoring.. both in USA (1967-1970) and Australia 1970 to present); 

2/ Glass (blown and/or cast: for exhibition, corporate, home-wares projects and commissions); 

3/ Non-commercial (street theatre/performance, environmental installations, playable mixed-media games).

Following his brief pioneering involvement in the 1960’s U.S.A. university-centered Glass ‘renaissance’ he returned to Sydney to establish the very first independent furnace-focussed Glass Studio in Australia springing from a 

4/1971 Craft Board grant (its first for Glass). Obviously other mainstream glass products, techniques and factory traditions were already in place. As prophesied by Skillitzi, other craft-artists have fundamentally matured and broadened the nation’s Studio Glass profile propelling it into justified international prominence…. eclipsing its humble ‘Studio’ origins of 1971. That multi-faceted aussie Glass history (which has come to dominate the Crafts scene) was 1/ outlined by Skillitzi, his scholarly paper is online, but presented at the 2009 conference of Ausglass, the ‘backbone’ association supporting aussie glass activities since 1978… Skillitzi has attended every bi-annual conference; and 2/ documented by him in the “Eminent Persons Program” archived at the National Library, Canberra. Skillitzi’s contribution to Australian Studio Glass was acknowledged via ‘The Ausglass Medal’ for 2015.


 Artists Biography: 

EXHIBITIONS Group: 100s since 1965 International: Portugal 1999; Denmark ’96, ’75; Europe ’95; Japan ’81, ’94, U.S.A. ’91, ’90, ’89. Australian: Artman Gallery, Victoria, 2011-2013, Ranamok Glass Prize (traveling juried), 2003, 2005. Gallery M, Adel., 1996-2015 (3x per yr.). All 18 Ausglass members’ shows, 1981-2015. Solo: over 40 since 1966 International: New York City ‘92; Dallas Texas ’91; Uni Massachusetts ’70. Australian: Distelfink G., Melb., ’93; Studio 20, Adel., ’86; Bonython G., ’71, ’81; Holdsworth G., Sydney,’81; Galler


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