Ursula Marrn Fitz (Germany)

Awards: 2016 Art Prize of the Sparkassen Bayreuth Foundation 2012 Glass Prize 2012 – Glass Museum Immenhausen 1997 District Upper Bavaria, art at the construction, district hospital Agatharied

Member in the Professional Association of Visual Artists (BBK) Munich / Obb.

Works in public and private collections in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Russia, China, Australia

Landscape piece I The landscape piece I with the old boat should refer to the fact that our mountains were once the seabed, that things are all going on and that it is our job, from generation to generation, to deal well with our environment and to preserve it.
Arche XVI The ark is a preserving symbol. The ark is also a symbol of the journey of the human soul from this world to the hereafter. The face above the window, consisting of crystal glass and ash, represents the human soul. The window offers the view to the outside. Maybe also the look into the future or into eternity? The iron base is optional.
Untitled 570 This object has its special charm in that from the different points of view, the reflections in the glass are always exciting and new, never the same, light and casual. On the other hand, the energy with which I put the coloured pieces of glass into the crystal glass at 1000 ° C with great force is transported. At the same time, one feels calmness, which is communicated through this work.
Cloud House (2017) 13x13x14cm by Ursula Maren Fitz