Xinbo Wang


Series of Growth——Mountain

The works are created for a mountain as the basic form. The works are electroplated on the surface of the glass mountain. The transparency of the glass is slowly surrounded by metal atoms and replaced by the gorgeous surface effect of metal. Through this contrast, the influence of environment to nature is reflected by the change of the environment. Is the form after the parcel or the original form?The loss of control desires affects another substance. This leads people to rethink and examine how they exist when faced with external erosion.

Series of Reflex ——Cloud·Ladder

In the works, I used glass language to reflect and express my perception, experience and reflection on this rapidly developing era. There are clouds in the sky, just like everyone else. Clouds move with the wind and people move along with them. Different people see


Series Mountain (2)
Reflex Series ——《Cloud-Ladder》
Growth Series  (2)