About Us


Red Moon Contemporary Art Glass Gallery opened with the goal of serving as a platform for artists specialising in the glass medium. Driven by the desire to share the ethereal and delicate art of glass sculpture and art of glass jewellery, we aim to grow together with Melbourne’s artistic community in a meaningful way by helping to develop the niche scene of art glass.
Located in High Street, Armadale’s renowned precinct for culture, fashion and design.
Red Moon hosts regular exhibitions, presenting the finest and most innovative work in
contemporary glass sculpture.
We consider ourselves a part of the global glass art landscape, showcasing both Australian and international artists. We care about artistic international relationships; we bring the best of glass art to Australia, as well as bringing the best of Australian glass art to overseas. Some of the overseas artists
at Red Moon are exhibiting in Australia for the first time.
At Red Moon, we seek to connect local and international glass artists to art collectors –
every sculpture and jewellery piece in the gallery is available for purchase.
Glass art can make a unique and memorable gift, as well as a stunning display piece in the home or office. Visit us to experience the unique elegance of glass art!