Elizar Milev

Elizar Milev as a young artist and fresh PhD graduate

I am tempted on exploring a variety of different techniques. My main approach is casting in all its forms and methods, and also cold work. This is how I can best express my sculptural visions.

My sense of aesthetics, usually leads me to the use of contrasts.

As a contemporary glass artist, I explore nowadays themes related with daily life, lifestyle, politics, or just pure human norms.

Currently, I’m the senior lecture at the glass department of the National Applied Art School “St Lucas” where I’m teaching in a scarcely equipped kiln room, hot and cold shops.

My practical experience is enriched by a recent apprenticeship at Berengo Studio, Murano. During my half year there I gained many new skills and completed most of my works for my solo exhibition at “St.Luka” Gallery in Sofia 2018.

In 2015 I received a full scholarship for the Norwood Viviano’s class in Corning Museum of Glass. Some of the pieces I created there were displayed at Tianyuan Glass Art Festival 2016 “Glass and Ice” – Beijing, China. And two years before I received scholarship for Anjali Srinivasan’s class in Pilchuck Glass School, where I get a broad spectrum of knowledge about working with glass and usage of Pilchuck’s impressive variety of (unfamiliar for me at the time) equipment.

As a young and ambitious artist, eager to experiment and to express my own artistic line in cold working and casting of glass I don’t pretend for a jewellery artist I am trying to transform my sculpture to the little sketches, made of necklace which helps of the owner to be life gallery.

The small sculptures are made based of the geometry, researched of the combination of different colourful layers which is the battle between shapes and colours, included the strong and hard steel material.