Maria Kirillova

My name is Maria Kirillova. I’m Russian. I live in the beautiful city located on the river Volga called Nizhniy Novgorod.

I have a degree in translation of the English and Spanish languages and I worked as a translator for about 7 years. I liked my job a lot. It was full of interesting trips and meetings with interesting people from all over the world but at the same time soon I felt that I was missing something. Then I saw glass works of different types and understood that I was missing handmade and creativity. Something to tangibly express myself.

I never thought that I was capable of doing something handmade. I couldn’t draw, sew or embroider. But in glass I found everything I needed to express my creative ideas without any professional artistic training. I took a basic course and then started practicing and developing my personal style on my own.

I’ve been working with glass for about 6 years now. Besides lampworking I also do glass painting. I participated in several exhibitions both in my country and abroad and my works were presented in some magazines. So, I’ve never regretted quitting my translation job and setting off on this creative glass adventure.

To me glass is pure magic. It can transform any space adding colours, brilliance and splendor to it. And I’m happy to be able to add my piece of this magic to the world!