Angela Gensch

Angela Gensch was born with a love of colour and shape which has flowed with her constantly throughout her life. Always collecting and making things, mimicking colours and forms that she sees in nature. She spent her childhood daydreaming, colouring in and painting. In 2005 she left her career in Graphic Arts to pursue her love of glass and jewellery design and has shaped this love into a small business which brings her daily joy.

Angela makes glass beads using a process called ‘Lampworking’. A centuries old bead making technique. Colourful rods of glass are melted and wound around a coated steel rod, the beads are shaped in a very hot flame from a special torch. They are decorated using a range of different tools and techniques.

She has travelled internationally to learn from glass masters around the world and now teaches in Australia to pass on her knowledge and skill to those willing to learn this wonderful, challenging art form.