Rachel Boymal



I am a Melbourne based sculptor and painter and have a number of tertiary level art qualifications. 

            I have painted a selection of famous people for the Archibald Portrait Prize.                    These include, Barry Jones, Robert Walls and David Parkin, Deborah Conway and others, 


                 My professional training in sculpture includes 2 years studying with                                        well-respected  Australian  sculptor Victor Kalinowski, from 1996-1998.                                                                  

          I also trained at Bayside Sculpture, with celebrated sculptor, Gael O Leary for 3 years                                                                

 I regularly exhibit my work in solo and group exhibitions. 

              I have been fortunate to receive recognition for my work through the award of prizes, as well as gaining private and public commissions including in 2013, 

       The Storyteller, a large, bronze sculpture, commissioned by AMP for the forecourt                                   at Collins Place,  35 Collins St Melbourne.


                        I always work from life in my studio. The models I use are usually dancers,                                        as I like to give a sense of movement to my abstract figurative work.                                       I start by doing a number of sketches to get the feeling of the pose. 


The materials I use are clay and wax, the finished sculpture is then cast into bronze in a bronze sculpture foundry.


I have also done sculptures in steel rods and aluminium wire.


My artistic style is to depict the human form in a simplified, pared back style.

 The results are refined, highly stylized works that reflect the essence of the subject portrayed. 


I like to suggest, but never define.



Storyteller – 35 Collins Place , Melbourne , 2013


Rolling Form Large Green Bronze sculpture , Acrylic base

Height 54 x Width 36 x Depth 35cm

Midnight Kisses

Bronze,  Acrylic Base 

Height 13 x Width 18x Depth 66cm


Blue bronze abstract figurative sculpture

Height 14 x Width 48 x Depth 26 CM