Caterina Zucchi


Caterina Zucchi

I’m a researcher of forms; my creations have always been distinguished by this research, even in the period when I was training, 
during my studies, stages or workshops.

What I’ve found in glass and the glass blowing technique is the ideal and proper means to push this personal research forward.

My artistic path concerns the attempt to let Murano glass jewels which are tied to the thousand-year-old history of decoration since forever, to have a new contemporaneity.

My interest in glass art started in 2000 and had consistently brought me on as a student at the Vetroricerca Glas & Modern Institute of Bolzano and the Abate Zanetti School of Glass of Murano where I spent one year as assistant graffer in a master glassworker atelier, 

until 2004, when I opened my studio in Leghorn. In May 2015, the Tuscan Region conferred me the title of Master Artisan

Jewels Detail

SZV collections are made of mouthblown Murano glass. 

Shape and size of each glass bead originates from few gestures, the lowest use of tools, and no mould.                                                                 

The images of the creations found in the website are usually similar to the original pieces. A slight fault or variation in measure or colour of the glass parts are the distinguishing marks of handwork.

The single blown glass elements of necklaces, pendants and earrings are thin enough to make even big accessories lighter; whereas a 4-5 mm thickness of bracelets and rings makes them shock-resistant.

SZV creations are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. In order to avoid unpleasant incidents and drops while wearing a piece of jewellery, 

SVZ recommends to fasten the clap at your front as in the picture below, so that the necklace will be safely fastened.

" Fiamma necklace+ bracelet" The winding and slender shapes of this jewel, with their alternated shades of red, convey either elegance and energy through the series of elements composing the creation, The shape and colour express passion and the perpetual research of the essence in this necklace/bracelet combination thought to adom the silhouette with personality and elegance
"Ventaglio necklace" the blown glass elements constitute a voulumious, tridimensional necklace showing an innovative design. A real sculpture that can be worn. The"VENTAGLIO" necklace has got a modern, sophisticated design. The Murano glass elements that are blown by mouth and hot-worked, consitute a balanced, tridimensional compostition, A bright pink exalts the intensity of the red and blue. A sculpture to be worn realized with a rat tail cord, short grey PVC' segments (10mm) and a glass necklace latch
"Lucesabbia necklace+bracelet" The ideal stylistic expression of the brand, composed of a series of elements with diffrent volumes, a sandblasted surface exalting the shininess of the glass and a silver leaf that enriches the creation. The perfect comobination with a researched design
"Ribbon necklace+bracelet" are comoposed of one Murano glass elements that are blown by mouth and hot-worked, a PVC's tube(10mm) and a black double round elastic.
"Thorny Necklace" Harmless glass thorns compose this resolute but only apparently aggressive creation that frames the face with elegance and originality. There aren't any roses, there are just thorns in this necklace which can be worn in two differnt ways, as a round-neck necklace or as a long necklace. Monochromatic and enriched by the sandblasted elemnet, it is composed of a sequence of ten dark brown Murano glass elemnets that are blown by mouth and hot-worked. It is realized with a rat tail cord, short PVC's segments (10mm) and a glass necklace latch.
"Head into the clouds Necklace" it makes fun of the one who's wearing it and describes one's temperament. It finds its essence in the curvy shapes and the sequence of white clouds suspended by a gray element representing that a change in the weather is always possible to occur. THe "TESTA FRA LE NUCOLW" necklace is dedicated to all those distracted, daydream in persons who find themselves outside the everyday reality as they had entirely other thoughts to think about. The monochromatic clouds sequence which is composed of Murano glass beads that are blown by mouth and hot-worked is suspended by a gray, sandblasted element representing that a change in the weather is always possible to occur. Ironic, elegant, made up of elements which show diffrent volumes; it is realized with a rat tail cord and glass necklace latch
"Mustached Necklace" The shape cateches the brand's stylistic identity intensely and harmoniously. This blown glass composition is the result of the vision of a suggestive and refined accessory. The"MUSTACHED" necklace is distinguished by its modern and original design and by the colour black which is the protagonist of the composition and finds itself close to another avocado and blue element. The transparent and dark aquamarine coloured bead lights up the creation. this necklace is composed of Murano glass beads that are blown by mouth and hot-worked, gray PVC's segments (10mm) and a glass necklace latch.
"BOOBs Necklace" Impertinent, elegant, lightweight. A sequence of diaphanous elemnets of an essential, soft shape, this blown glass creation fully expresses the ironic soul of the brand. Delicate, ethereal, irreverent but elegant; "BOOBS" is composed of a sequence of 15 Murano glass beads whose colour is a transparent pink that are blown by mouth and hot-worked, and corallite joined using a steel thread covered with nylons and metal, nickel-free necklace latch.