Dita Krejbichova

Dita Krejbichova was born in the Czech Republic – the origin of Bohemian glass referred to as Czech crystal that has a centuries long history of being recognized for its quality and design.
Dita studied classical art painting techniques and art history in the department of art conservation at University of Pardubice.
Her passion for colors led her away from dusty, faded artwork to a discovery of the beauty of glass – an exquisite material that magnifies colors through light.
Dita’s journey to glass jewelry has been a smooth one. She would spend weekends in the mountain cottage situated in the Crystal valley where glass beads have been produced for over 300 years. Literally, one could walk on a hiking trail and find colorful glass beads embedded in the ground. When she was little, she would collect them in her pockets and create jewelry.
Nowadays Dita uses exclusively Czech manufacturers of glass beads with emphasis on unique shapes, color combinations and innovative design. Her jewelry design line bijoudi cz progressive modern style with sensitivity to color that compliments the fashion industry of the 21st century.