Timothy white (Australia)


Tim began making ceramics because he was interested in the potential and uncertainty of the finished result.

Tim studied ceramics at Prahran Collage, Melbourne, gaining a Diploma of Art & Design (Ceramics) and this lead on to a Graduate Diploma of Education (Art & Craft)) at Rusden College, Melbourne. Since finishing formal training Tim has continued to further develop his personal education and knowledge of his art through practical endeavours.

He has progressed from using stoneware clays early on to now having become intrigued with porcelain and the process of using lustres on his pieces.

The clay is firstly wheel thrown and turned to shape; bisque fired then one of Tim’s glazes is applied, either sprayed or dipped; a second firing is done to set the glaze; then a lustre application is added and the piece is fired a third time. The kiln temperature reaches up to 1300°C.

His current work is a reflection of his interest in the process of using mainly porcelain and glazes overlaid with lustres.

Tim is a Finalist in the recent 2019 Manningham Ceramic Award.

Porcelain vessel with under-glaze and gold lustre
Sculptural round vessel with electric blue body, gold lustre collar and ruby red top lip.
Vessel with green green glaze, red neck with overlay of multiple lustres
Porcelain vessel with gold rim, yellow interior glaze, mottled blue glazed shoulder with gold lustre band
Green glazed lidded vessel with gold lustre overlay and gold edging
Vase shaped vessel with white base glaze overlaid with multiple lustres, including gold and ruby red
Blue necked porcelain vessel with under-glaze and gold lustre
Porcelain vessel with narrow neck, base glaze and drip-effect lustre