Maureen Nugent

Maureen Nugent – ‘Beadist’

Maureen’s career in lampwork beadmaking began 2005 after retiring her ceramic’s studio of 14 years. Her love of vibrant colour, whimsical patterns and eclectic pairings have become the trademark of the beads and jewellery that she now sells across the globe. Maureen is an educator and teacher of lampwork and designs, creates and embraces the art of beadmaking from her studio situated in Wynnum, Brisbane.


The Process

Lampwork is the art of melting glass rods over a fixed directional flame then building up the bead in glass layers, melting in after each addition.
Handcrafted lampwork beads are the most labour intensive of all glass techniques as each bead is individually created.
The end result being unique, one of a kind, tangible treasures.