Anatt Sapir

 I Graduated at Bezalel academy for Art and design, 0n 1988, in Jerusalem, Israel.

I have a background in industrial design and ceramic.

When I first encountered glass bead jewelry, the connection was immediate and total.

I was particularly attracted by the wealth of colors and the translucency, and the great beauty created by combining them. 

I participated in a workshop on technique at Wertzberger College, and supplemented my knowledge from books and the Internet

On June 2011, I took a summer course with Loren Stump in the Corning Museum Studio.

Last February 2019, I took a lampwork blowing workshop with Olga Alianova.

For me, glass is both my raw material and inspiration.

The work itself  becomes research into the thrilling qualities of the material and its surprising capabilities. 

My jewelry is testimony to or perpetuation of a magical discovery in technique, form and color. The excitement is great, each time anew.

The everyday inspires me, the materials around me, and glass – the material itself.

My motto is: curiosity.

I define my art as “aesthetic experiments with glass”; my attempts to investigate what I can achieve with the vast and diverse variety of possibilities embodied in glass.

The jewels have a classic touch, although most of them are leaning towards a more modern geometrical line, sophisticated jewelries and with strong – powerful shapes. An enchanted artistic look creates a dialog between the piece and its owner.

I found it fascinating how one of nature’s purest and basic raw materials

Can be transformed in such a variety of ways by the creative process.

I am still in awe of the range of shades I can create –From translucent or subtly shimmering to deep Rich color that can even be multi-layered.

The freedom the technique gives to craft texture on the beads leads to pieces which I feel vibrates with energy and life”.