Lada Tazetdinova

My name is Lada Tazetdinova. I’m an artist from St. Petersburg, Russia

I love the sea, waves, wind, and travel. I created the DriftLand brand in 2016. And since then,

 I am happy to make jewellery that gives inspiration and an ocean mood to everyday life.

My jewellery is about the song of the sea and the wind, the breath of rain and the dance of snow, the music of love and wandering. And most importantly – they are about dreams, adventures and fairy tales, woven into our lives. They reflect the happiness of freedom and impermanence: like a fresh wind tangled in your hair, shimmering on the cheeks of the sun and salty songs
of the sea, which echo in the heart with sparks of transparent-happy thoughts.

I believe that inside each of us lives the boundless sea with millions of miracles and mysteries of the depths, with the warmness of tides. Sometimes it sparkles in the sun by the playful foam of waves, sometimes whispers a gentle surf, and sometimes crushes everything around you by raging storm. The Sea Inside is what inspires my every moment. I decided to open the door
to the sea inside and to give you the opportunity to look at my little inside world.

I create my jewellery of happy memories and amazing glass. I myself have developed the technique of work. To make the waves light and sea foam sparkle in the sun.

Each ring, pendant or bracelet is unique and unrepeatable.