Emma Varga

Sydney, Australia
My work was always influenced by the environment. Since graduating I travelled to remote places untouched by man, from the high mountains of Europe to the far north of Norway.
When I arrived in Australia in 1995, I was overwhelmed with the vibrant colours and light so unlike my homeland. This fried my imagination to make a series of colourful glass sculptures based on the travel to Antarctica to find inspiration for a body of work I made to further raise awareness and contribute to the global conversation.
I was completely mesmerised by the beauty and serenity of the frozen continent, the vast array of ice surfaces, turquoise and blue shining from the depth of ice through translucent white surfaces, clarity of ocean revealing submerged parts of icebergs and a rare appearance of ice crystals.
I continue to make works in this series as well as panels and sculptures inspired by Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, but focus on the bleaching of coral reefs and the human impact on the environment.