Hayden MacRac (Canada)


Hayden’s goal as a glassblower / glass artist is to constantly push himself in his endeavors to create original bodies of work that speak true who he is as a person and an artist.

Hayden tends to work on a larger scale than most of his colleagues, he finds the larger you work in the glass the more impactful the piece becomes.

Hayden started blowing glass at the age of 13, Julia  Reimer and Tyler Rock taught him the basics of glassblowing.

Ryan Fairweather Taught Hayden the fundamentals of bit work.

Hayden worked under Barry Fairbairn and Jim Norton at Double Struggle studio, Hayden not only learned the fundamentals of production glasswork, but he also got to the point where he understood the process and how to realistically make anything he wanted to.


Dragon Scale
Seed of Life
Red Aurora