Jiří Tesař (CZ)

Jiří Tesař
(*1960, Nový Bor)

Glass engraver, glass artist.


The unique and inimitable engravings in glass created by Jiří Tesař are based on his rich experience gained during his long-standing artistic career.


The classical glass engraving technique is very time demanding thus he is more oriented on the studio work.
In his original works he uses also modern techniques – fusing or graal. 


His works don´t copy classical motifs but bring his own, quite new and novel ideas and procedures.
                                         He has represented the Czech Republic since his 25 years of age,                                                            both in world exhibitions and by manufacturing official royal, presidential and VIP´s gifts.


Thanks to his high craftsmanship and artistic ability he won also numerous international awards. 


His works can be found in various collections and museums all over the world.


Glass engraving belongs among the oldest and most demanding techniques of glass decoration at all. 


               Thus, Czech engraved glass characterized by the both creative and craft uniqueness can be considered                            as a significant contribution to the thousands of year-long world glassmaking.


Lionfisch (2020) 37cm High
Woman and Shaman

Lionfisch is Fire polished engraving.

Several layers of paint that are pierced by the lithophanie technique.

Then I used a unique and non-traditional way of polishing and shaping the engraving with fire in a glass furnace to the final form

Woman and Shaman
I pierced several layers of paint with the lithopfanie technique.
Again, the engraved vase was heated in a glass furnace and glazed
clear glass like Graal – Ariel and creped on the glass whistle to the final form. It’s a unique piece.