Kevin Gordon (Australia)


Kevin Gordon creates complex glass vessels that exemplify his technical command of traditional glass-making processes; overlaid colour-blown glass is decorated through engraving, sandblasting and lathe cutting through layers of colour,                                    then brought back to a high polish through hand and fire polishing.

This approach exploits colour and light transmitting properties of glass to great effect. Some parts are translucent, others capture the light and the faceted light- Creating a montage of visual impressions through the play of light and colour.

Kevin comes from a family of glass engravers, who immigrated to Australia in 1980, and from whom he learned traditional techniques. With the development of his own techniques and processes, he has moved his work into his own contemporary approach to glass

Fleur Bowl 2020 H170mm W350mm
Bloom 2020 H160mm W380mm
Temptress 2013 H400mm W200mm
Synergy 2020 H375mm W240mm