Krista Israel (The Netherlands)


Krista Israel

The use of multiple techniques to come to complex works is based on the complexity of society.


Krista Israel tries to capture its ambiguity in layered, ambiguous works that touch both personal and universal feelings.


The artworks in the Seedpod Series are composed of small elements made of borosilicate glass with the lampwork technique and cold assembling. Because the glass elements differ slightly from each other in form, a dynamic texture is created.


‘The power of repetition, it sounds like a contradiction. Why should repeat or repetitive movement or shape be a powerful visual? Repetition could be boring, a routine. To me it gives insight to deeper thought.


The dedication, patience, sophistication, every small part was a decision being
made and a moment of thought.


The harmony in chaos. The fine details, the huge amount of work.


Using flamework technique for the repetitive making of glass ‘hairs’, is a visual and tangible way to express deeper thought. Rhythm, regularity and repetitive forms play the major role as objectively neutral representation of reality.


It shows the irreversible process of the passage of time’.



                                 Krista graduated from the State Institute for Art and Craft (IKA) in                                  Belgium in the BFA (2013) and   MFA (2016) in Glass Art.

She received Stipend 2018 grant, Association Friends of Modern Glass,2018; 

Originality & Ingenuity residency and grant, Liling Ceramic Valley Museum, China,2017;

10-10-10 Stipend academic grant for Dutch glass artists, Glass Gallery Aventurine, 2014.

She participated in national and international exhibitions in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, 

China,  the United States and the Netherlands, including: Exhibition Coburger Glas Preis, 

Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg/Europaïsch Museum für Modern Glass, Germany, 2014;

Tianyuan International Glass Art Festival, Collision & Fission Contemporary Glass Art 

Invitational Exhibition, China, 2016;  

European Glass Festival, main exhibition Play with Glass: Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde, Poland, 2016;

GAS Members Juried Exhibition, Glass Art Society, USA, 2017;

Glass 4 Ever, Gorcums Museum, 2017-2018;

New Glass Now, Corning Museum of Glass, USA, 2019.

Her work is represented in public collections, including: Kunstsammlungen der Veste 

Coburg/Europaisch Museum für Modern Glas, Germany;  Glass museum Alter Hof Herding, 

Germany; Liling Ceramic Valley Museum, China.

Seedpod (Oval Shape) 2019 14x8x8cm;
Seedpod (Round with Hole) 2019 12x12x9cm;
Seedpod (V Shape) 2019 11x5x8cm