Krista Israel


“The use of multiple techniques to create complex works is based on the complexity of society. I try to capture its ambiguity in layered, ambiguous works that affect both
personal and universal feelings. 
My work reflects how I work around the world References, experiences, questions I am very interested in the impact of our hyper-complex world on each of us as a modern human: rapid social change, corporate globalization, wars, technology, social media, climate change, GMOs, explosive population growth. These are major and multifaceted problems.
The media bombard us with messages, they evoke wonder or pain and surprise. You may wonder how anyone can understand all of this “. 
Krista searches with her objects for answers to those questions; especially personal answers that can make the viewer think. No ready-made solutions, but moments of reflection. 

In the past year her work has taken a new and different turn after the invention of the Lapi Boli technique – which Krista invented in September 2017 during an artist residency in China. Within this project, together with an international team, she focuses on the research and development of the technique of turning
 the pate de verre (glass paste) on the potter’s wheel. 

Krista Israel graduated from the Institute for Arts and Crafts (IKA) in Belgium in the Higher Degree (2013) and Specialization Degree (2016) Glass Art. She receivedStipendium 2018 from Stichting Stokroos, 2018; Stipendium 2018 , Friends of Modern Glass Association, 2018; ‘Originality & Ingenuity’ exhibition and residency, Liling Ceramic Valley Museum, China, 2017; 10-10-10 Stipendium , academic fair for glass artists, Glasgalerie Aventurijn, 2014.

She participated in national and international exhibitions in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, China, the United States and the Netherlands, including:Exhibition Coburger Glas Preis , European Museum für Modern Glas, Germany, 2014; Tianyuan International Glass Art Festival, Collision & Fission Contemporary Glass Art Invitational Exhibition , China, 2016; European Glass Festivalmain exhibition Play with Glass: Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde , Poland, 2016;Glass Art Society, Glass Art Society Members Juried Exhibition , USA, 2017;Glass 4 Ever , Gorcums Museum, 2017-2018; Now New Glass , Corning Museum of Glass, USA, 2019-2020.

Her work is represented in public collections including: Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg, Europäisch Museum of Modern Glass, Germany; Ernsting Stiftung, Glass Museum Alter Hof Herding, Germany; Liling Ceramic Valley Museum, China.

Seedpod (Oval Shape) 2019 14x8x8cm; Seedpod (Round with Hole) 2019 12x12x9cm; Seedpod (V Shape) 2019 11x5x8cm