Nanna Backhaus Brown (Danish)

Nanna’s father is an architect and her mother a textile designer. Minimalistic Nordic design and architectural strictness are fundamental parts of Nanna’s DNA.

Certainly, Nanna loves the intricate, Italian Pastorelli technique and uses bold colours – but the overall expression of her works is always clean and crisp and in line with the Nordic design tradition.

It is in the meeting of these components that we find Nanna’s very own artistic expression.


Nanna has an extraordinary sense of colour, and the most wonderful use of colours is found across all her different styles.

The colour combinations of her Pastorelli work as well as the remarkable opal colours in the architectural design of her pieces are Nanna´s trademarks.

Such is Nanna’s sense of colour that Andrew always turns to Nanna for picking the colours for his magnificent Glasskibe.