Noel Hart

   Noel Hart
Byron Shire, NSW, Australia
Inspired by his surroundings, he blurs the boundaries between conceptual abstract painting, avian art, and the contemporary studio glass movement with a narrative drawing on natural history, literature, and art culture.
His artwork is exhibited internationally, and held in collections in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
Noel Hart
The BIRD motif can be found in much of my artwork. It’s been that way for a long time. The engagement with birds includes blown glass sculptures exploring the colours of species of Parrots and Birds of Paradise – some extinct, and others on the verge of extinction.
My underlying intention with ‘the birds’ is conservation or regeneration. I’m curious about evolution. Are species continuing to evolve? Are there new species coming along? And I’m interested in the primitive notion of ‘increase’ – the occasions when a ceremony or an artefact or painting was used to initiate the ‘increase’ of a target species.’
Papuan Lorikeet (unavailable)
Adelaide Rosella at Para Wirra (unavailable)
Desmarte's Fig Parrot (unavailable)
Chandra Luna (unavailable)