Noel Hart (Australia)

Noel Hart




The objective of my work has been to interpret the idea of ‘Power Objects’, linking the primitive to the contemporary around an interest in biological diversity and extinction, and a symbolic intervention between the two.

I first began developing this idea for my work in the 1990’s when I learned of the Tjurunga – an Indigenous Australian Power Object, that an aboriginal friend of mine had been given which asserted the continuity of all life.

Existing in the terrain inhabited by studio glass and abstract painting, the narrative for my work is drawn from natural history, environmentalism and primitivism expressed symbolically through an interpretation of the color sequence in the plumage of Parrot species, many that are endangered, some extinct.

I have lived for the last 30+ years in a dynamic rainforest environment in Eastern Australia (only recently moving to the coast nearby) which has influenced my world view along with the process and obsessions around my work.

The pieces are created with the assistance of a like-minded team of glassblowers in Australia.

– Noel Hart 2021



Papuan Lorikeet (unavailable)
Adelaide Rosella at Para Wirra (unavailable)
Desmarte's Fig Parrot (unavailable)
Chandra Luna (unavailable)