Peter Borkovices (Hungary)

This is a special fusing optical glass and gold 24 K. foil.

I connected My dissertation, with an accurate description…
Beyond passive observation, I have already tried to provoke certain processes myself.  

I modeled the crinkling mechanisms of glowing fluids. I recorded the stability of the initial states and I tracked and learned the changes. The glass objects made in this way do not meet the criteria of the narrowly defined fine art design, but they do not bear the mark of the planned industrial object culture, either. 

I looked for a new, personal design. I looked for a design where glass material dictates only for me, so I can be the first to write it down. After mastering as many methods as possible, I turned back to studying the forms of cognition. The approach took place with the warmth of alchemy but with systematic rehearsals evoking the thoroughness of…


“Gold Cutted” 

33cmX38cmX4cm 5kg