Peter Nilsson (Australia)


For me, glass represents a fantastic medium for pictures and shapes.


A material that is transparent and almost invisible is better than a blank canvas and can be shaped and filled with almost anything.


A sculpture in glass can be looked at, into, and through.


I, like so many artists, get my main inspiration from nature. A form, a colour, the movement in the human body, or the subtile communication you can get with an animal that shows the same curiosity as you do in the interaction.


When I moved to Australia from Sweden, I realised how similar the cultural mentality is. I guess both Australians and Swedes are nature romantics.


We have to deal with nature in a respectful way, otherwise, it will deal with us.


We are not guests who watch and visit nature once in a while.


We are a part of it whether we like it or not.

Rippeles (unavailable)
Ocean Vagabond (unavailable)