Sunny Wang (Hong Kong)


The more I get to know about other cultures, the prouder I am of growing up in China – a country with rich culture.


Having undertaken some research on ancient Chinese architecture, I am strongly impressed by various forms of ancient city gates. 

The symmetrical gate looks solemn, which conveys a message that it was not built to show hospitality, 

but to demonstrate defensive strength and inviolable dignity. In China, we tend to use the term “to cross the gate” to refer to the start of research in a new field. 

The term “to attack the gate” is used to describe solving a big problem. 

The concept of gate sometimes can be as broad as to stand for a country, but sometimes
as narrow as to represent a city. 

The phrase “entrance to a country” is used to indicate the policy which either “cuts all foreign contact” or “opens up”. 

Abstractly speaking, the gate may also represent individual hearts. Behind these hearts, secrets are always hidden which attract people to guess and explore.



 Sunny Wang was awarded a MVA at Australian National University in 2001, and received her PhD, Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Arts–Glass) at the University of South Australia in 2012. 

Prior to joining HKBU, she taught at the National Taiwan University of Arts.

 She has also been invited to teach  the glass intensive workshops at the National Taipei University of Arts and the National Tainan University of Arts on many occasions.

In 2005 she was invited to present a lecture on her primary research in contemporary Chinese glass at the Glass Art Society International Conference. 

In 2006 Sunny was invited to teach at the international school, The Glass Furnace, Istanbul, Turkey.

   During 2006 and 2007 Sunny was a Visiting Scholar at the Hong Kong Baptist University.          

She taught glass blowing and casting and assisted in the  design and establishment the glass workshop. 

As an artist Sunny has presented many solo and group exhibitions around the world.

Her works are represented in public and private collections in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Italy, France, Japan and USA. 

Sunny commences teaching glass art at HKBU Academy Visual Arts in September 2007.

Dynamic Clarity Balance