Tai Chiu Mei ( Tai Wan)

Tai Chiu Mei a Taiwanese glass and ceramic artist of international renown, her art works appear in major collections throughout Asia, Europe and America. 

Her work is highly collectable and sought after.

For Tai Chiu Mei the process of working with hot glass can be tiring because of the high temperature and extreme working conditions. 

Yet for her the act of making the glass work and the final outcomes of the artwork are extremely satisfying and worthwhile. 

The process is alchemical as the works transform from molten glass to beautiful lustrous colours and forms. Inspired by her personal connection to nature, 

her childhood connection to the land from growing up on a farm and her love of diving have imbued her work with a natural fluid and organic strength that resonates throughout all of her work. 

Her creative process takes both stamina and enthusiasm. The beauty of the glass is totally engaging and for her is not a fleeting and ephemeral thing, but ever lasting.

Glass is crystal clear, luminous, smooth and has a cool tactile sensation. The beauty of glass art lies not only in its visual dimension but also in its handmade qualities.” 

Tai Chiu Mei’s work has a strong foundation in the cycles of life and nature, she is strongly influenced by her natural environment .

Jubliant Series
Jubilant Series
Jubilant Series
Tenacity 1 by Aisha & Allan James
Jubilant Series
Tenacity 2 by Aisha & Allan James
Abstract Landscape
Abstract Landscape