Tim Shaw (Australia)


I moved from the UK to Australia eighteen years ago to set up my own hot glass studio in Adelaide, South Australia.


My studio is nestled amongst the Stringybark forests of the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

In this idyllic and creative setting my work has flourished, absorbing an Australia influence and leading to the creation of works based on the vibrant and colourful Australia environment.


Many works are still inspired by artists that inspired me in my early training.  This can be seen in my light sculptures of sunflowers based on the pallet of ‘Van Gogh’ and vessels depicting sweeping scenes reminiscent of ‘Constable’ paintings.   


I continue to push the boundaries of my artistic expression in the medium with colour, surface decoration and texture while creating artworks that I hope will fire the imagination of generations to come.


Red Protea Chandalier

Red Gravillia

The Outback (unavailable)
Heysen Country (unavailable)
Red Moon Rising (unavailable)
Carnival (unavailable)
Sunflower in Arles (unavailable)
The Outback (unavailable)
Adelaide hills (unavailable)
Red Tulip Mania Chandaler (unavailable)
Sunflower Table light (unavailable)